Notifications / Circulars (2020)

Sr.# Notification / Circular No. Dated Description / Title Download
9 TEVTA/MIS/1-23/2020 03.07.2020 Technical Specifications for procurement of IT Equipment. [View/Download]
8 TEVTA/M-HR/IC&ID/2020 23.06.2020 SOPs for workplaces & offices to prevent COVID-19 spread. [View/Download]
7 TEVTA/M-HR/IC&ID/2020 08.04.2020 Closer of public offices till 14-04-2020. [View/Download]
6 TEVTA/GM-O-I/ 30.03.2020 Summer Vacations in all TVET institutes in the backdrop of COVIT-19 pandemic. [View/Download]
5 TEVTA/M-HR/IC&ID/2020 19.03.2020 Measures to control outbreak of corona epidemic in the country. [View/Download]
4 TEVTA/PW/07/2020 03.03.2020 Centralized Inspection Committees for inspection of machinery / equipment / tools. [View/Download]
3 TEVTA/Bud/F.Assistance/2019-20 02.03.2020 Guidelines for Salary Disbursement on account of OSD Posts to the family of employee who dies while in service. [View/Download]
2 TEVTA/MIS/1-198 21.01.2020 Technical Specifications for procurement of IT Equipment. [View/Download]
1 TEVTA/GM(O-I)/2-26/489 02.01.2020 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Hunarmand Nojawan Program. [View/Download]