Notifications / Circulars (2008)

Sr.# Notification / Circular No. Dated Description / Title Download
10 TEVTA/Fin/Dewali&Christmas Pack/2008 23.12.2008 One Time Special Dewali/Christmas Package [View/Download]
9 TEVTA/Finance/Pupil Fund/2008/2360 17.12.2008 Pupil Funds Management [View/Download]
8 TEVTA/ZMs/53/2618 15.12.2008 Transfer of TEVTA Employees [View/Download]
7 TEVTA/CH/2-3/08 12.12.2008 Transfer Posting of all Teaching/Non-Teaching Staff [View/Download]
6 TEVTA/F.Audit/2-2/2008 25.10.2008 Delegate the Financial Powers of Regularization of Expenditures, ex-post facto Sanction of Expenses [View/Download]
5 TEVTA/Fin/Short Courses/2008
02.09.2008 TEVTA Short Courses
4 TEVTA/F&A/08 23.08.2008 Introduction of Hosiery Knitting Training Centre Products in All TEVTA Institutions of Punjab [View/Download]
3 TEVTA/GM(F&A)/08 06.08.2008 Project Management [View/Download]
2 TEVTA/fin/upg/20th/0708/2217 06.05.2008 Up-gradation of the post of junior instructors (Working as TEVTA contract employees) in commerce stream. [View/Download]
1 TEVTA/Estt./3-312 12.01.2008 Fixation of monthly salary of contingent paid instructional staff belonging to the institutions of ABAD [View/Download]