Notifications / Circulars (2010)

Sr.# Notification / Circular No. Dated Description / Title Download
28 TEVTA/Trg./Mgt/124 25.11.2010 Remuneration of Master Trainers/Resource Persons. [View/Download]
27 TEVTA/Bud/3-110/2010-11 09.12.2010 Revised daily wages rate of employees (BS-01 to BS-05), employed in TEVTA institutions on daily wages, with effect from 22-11-2010 [View/Download]
26 TEVTA/GM(O)/Notification/34/3193 11.12.2010 Start of Matric Vocational courses in only following Govt. Vocational Training Institutions (GVTIs). [View/Download]
25 TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2010-11/6036
21.09.2010 Procurement Committees
(i) Field Offices / Institutions
(ii) Institutions (Procurement up to Rs.200,000/-)
(iii) Head Office
(iv) Standing Committee (for central purchase only)
(v) Civil Works and AR / SR Committee, etc.
24 TEVTA/Bud/2010/672 21.04.2010 Limit for quotations method of Procurement for TEVTA Secretariat is hereby enhanced. [View/Download]
23 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/3030 24.11.2010 Change of Nomenclature of GPIs / GITs into GCTs [View/Download]
22 MD.PPRA/2-2/2010 22.11.2010 Media Coverage of All Open Auction/Bidding Process in the Punjab [View/Download]
21 TEVTA/GM(O)/4/2182 23.08.2010 Implementation of Matric Vocational in GVTIs. [View/Download]
20 TEVTA/LEG-GEN/5-10 09.08.2010 The position of Secretary, TEVTA ceases to exists. [View/Download]
19 TEVTA/AT-5(1) 03.08.2010 Manager (Apprenticeship Training) is hereby declared as "Competent Authority" until further orders. [View/Download]
18 TEVTA/CUR/6-49/Vol-V 21.07.2010 Approval of the revised / newly developed curricula for implementation in TEVTA Colleges / Institutions. [View/Download]
17 PAP-Lagis-2(44)/2010/255 20.07.2010 Punjab Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority Act 2010 [View/Download]
16 TEVTA/GM(O)/4/80 19.07.2010 Policy Regarding Fixing Duration of Short Courses As Six (06) Months [View/Download]
15 TEVTA/Bud/Ad-hoc/2010/775 19.07.2010 Grant of Ad-hoc Allowance - 2010 @ 50% of Existing Basic Pay and Medical Allowance [View/Download]
14 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/1461 09.06.2010 Policy for Optimal Utilization of Magazine Funds [View/Download]
13 TEVTA/MIS/80-3 15.06.2010 Uploading Advertisement for Procurement on PPRA Website. [View/Download]
12 TEVTA/GM(O)/Minor/79/1430 03.06.2010 Policy Instructions for Admission of Minorities. [View/Download]
11 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/1445 07.06.2010 Every district manager shall submit a comprehensive report on monthly basis on all operational issues... [View/Download]
10 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/1444 07.06.2010 All recruitments (BS-1 to BS-4) are stopped for the induction of security guards, chowkidars and sweepers. [View/Download]
9 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/1443 07.06.2010 Conversion of HOD's offices into faculty rooms. [View/Download]
8 TEVTA/Bud/699 28.05.2010 Rounding of Percentage Marks. [View/Download]
7 SO(W-I)S&GAD.Misc./Elec./2010 26.04.2010 Strategy to Conserve Electricity in The Punjab. [View/Download]
6 TEVTA/Bud/Spe.Comp/2010/626 10.03.2010 Special Compensation Allowance for Professional Qualification Holders. [View/Download]
5 TEVTA/GM(O)/Vacations/26/453 16.02.2010 Winter Vacations in the mentioned TEVTA institutions at Murree are hereby extended up to 06/03/2010. [View/Download]
4 TEVTA/GM(O)/R-2/82/203 26.01.2010 Mentioned Institutions are allowed to start Regular 2nd Shift in the courses mentioned against each. [View/Download]
3 TEVTA/F&A/1-10 22.01.2010 Partial Modification of Notification (dated 19-12-2009), Qualification and Experience for Posts. [View/Download]
2 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/68 07.01.2010 Policy for Handling of Chief Minister's Directives Pertaining to Establishment of Institutes. [View/Download]
1 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2895 01.01.2010 Transfer of Administrative Control of Apprenticeship Centers/RDATs to Operations Wing. [View/Download]