Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

1. Introduction:

RPL is the process in which the individual’s previous learning outside the formal system is recognized as sufficient to meet the necessary standard of current competency/ies and as a result the individual can be given recognition of those skills and the appropriate certificate can be issued. RPL usually refers to a process that examines evidence of past learning and experience.

1.1 RPL Allows:
  • Certification for unrecognized skills.
  • National/International acceptance of certified skilled workforce.
  • Improved access to recognized courses, vertically and horizontally.
  • Apply for higher positions in the workplace.
1.2 Salient Features

To support the uncertified trained workforce, RPL Programme is being launched w.e.f September, 2015 in all District of TEVTA.

  • RPL fee will not be charged.
  • Candidate will be facilitated informed regarding the competency standards against which he/she will be assessed.
  • To facilitate the candidate, a self-assessment form will be provided to him/her so that he/she can better judge for appearing before the penal for final assessment.
  • Who qualify the self-assessment score, interview and test will be registered for RPL assessment.

2. Registration Criteria:

(Who will apply for RPL….)

2.1 RPL usually refers to a process that examines evidence of past learning and experience. The candidate seeking RPL is required to provide evidence of past learning and the use of the skills that are the focus of the assessment. Presentation of a portfolio that shows the evidence is usually required. It may include qualifications that have been achieved in the past that provide evidence of the acquisition of relevant skills or of qualifications that may be comparable or equivalent, records of employment, references from employers attesting to skill competencies.

2.2 The candidate will be registered for the qualification against which he applies and fulfills the prerequisites as under:

  • Minimum age of the candidate must be 18-Years old having CNIC.
  • Market experience Minimum 2-Years.
  • Entry level for G-II, G-III and G-IV will be as indicated in the skill standards.
  • Entry level for G-V certification is literate; however, he/she shall fulfill the requirements of competency standards of G-V level.
  • The candidate must present evidence that he/she has skills that meet the competencies reflected in the competency standards of the particular trade/occupation. He/she will produce the following:
    • Evidence of any earlier training
    • Record of employment and use of skills
    • Reference letter from employer

List of Trades

Sr.# Trades Institutes
1 AutoCAD [English] [Urdu]
2 Auto Electrician
3 Auto Mechanic
4 Beautician
5 Building Painter
6 Driving
7 Electrician
9 Machine Embroidery
10 Machinist
11 Mason
12 Motorcycle Mechanic
13 Plumber
14 Steel Fixer
15 Tailoring
16 Welder