TEVTA Head Office

Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority
TEVTA Secretariat, 96-H, Gulberg Road, Lahore.
Phone No. : +92 - 42 - 99263055-59

Name and Designation Email Phone/Fax
Mr. Ali Salman Siddique
Chairperson TEVTA
chairperson@tevta.gop.pk Ph:  042-99263051
Ph:  042-99268051
Fax: 042-99268050
Mr. Akhtar Abbas Bharwana
Chief Operating Officer - (Additional Charge)
coo@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99268052
Mr. Syed Abidi
Advisor to Chairperson for I&ER
s.abidi@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-35723272
Mr. Akhtar Abbas Bharwana
General Manager (Operations-I)
gm.ops-i@tevta.gop.pk Ph:  042-99268315
Fax: 042-99268319
Lt. Col Rao Rashid Ali (R)
General Manager (Operations-II)
gm.ops-ii@tevta.gop.pk Ph:  042-99263066
Fax: 042-99268064
Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Saeed
General Manager (Finance)
Ph:  042-99263052
Fax: 042-99263050
Mr. Aamer Aziz
General Manager (Procurement)
gm.proc@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263066
Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Saeed
General Manager (Human Resource Management) - (Additional Charge)
Engr. Abdul Wasay
General Manager (Academics)
gm.acad@tevta.gop.pk Ph:  042-99268061
Mirza Umer Farooq
Deputy General Manager (Finance)
dgm.fin@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263065
Dr. Nadeem Ahmed
Deputy General Manager (Placement)
dgm.placement@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263076
Ph: 042-99263055-59
Mr. Naeem Aslam
Chief Technology Officer
cto@tevta.gop.pk Ph:  042-99263072
Mr. Shair Ali
Deputy General Manager (Procurement)
dgm.proc@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99268056
Mr. Abdul Waheed Zafar - (Additional Charge)
Deputy General Manager (Human Resource Management)
dgm.hr@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263055-59 (Ext.428)
Mr. Usman Ali Tariq
Deputy General Manager (Accounts)
dgm.acct@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263055-59 (Ext.423)
Maj. Muhammad Tariq (R)
Deputy General Manager (Monitoring & Evaluation) - (Additional Charge)
dgm.monitoring@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263055-59
Ms. Uzma Nadia
Deputy General Manager (Corporate Affairs)
dgm.ca@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263084
Mr. Muaz Saleem
Deputy General Manager (Academics)
dgm.acad@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263055-59
Mr. Mustafa Kamal Pasha
Deputy General Manager (Coordination & Communications)
Mr. Muhammad Waleed Jehangir
Deputy General Manager (Operations-I)
dgm.ops-i@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263055-59 (Ext.480)
Dr. Waheed Asghar
Director (Apprenticeship Training)
director.at@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263082
Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq
Manager (Finance)
manager.fin@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263083
Mr. Muhammad Nazir
Manager (MIS)
manager.mis@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-35879805
Mr. Sarfraz Anwar
S.A to Chairperson TEVTA
s.anwar@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263053
Engr. Ezaz Haider
Manager (Technical) (Operations-I)
manager.ops-II@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263066
Mr. Irfan Saghir
Manager (Vocational-II) / (Operations-III)
manager.ops-iii@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263055-59
Mr. Khurram Shafiq Chaudhary
Manager (Vocational-I) / (Operations-II)
Engr. Muhammad Zubair Asghar
Manager (Projects & Planning)
manager.prj@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263075
Mr. Khalid Farooq
Manager (Coordination)
k.farooq@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263055-59 (Ext.355)
Mr. Muhammad Munir
Manager (Accounts)
manager.acct@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263068
Ms. Umber Afzal Chattha
Manager (Training)
manager.trg@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263055-59 (Ext.313)
Mr. Abdul Waheed Zafar
Manager (Legal-II)
manager.legal-ii@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263062
Mr. Nouman Qaiser
Manager (Legal)
manager.legal@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263062
Sahabzada Ahmed Khusro Umer
Manager (Administration)
manager.admn@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263080
Maj. Muhammad Tariq (R)
Manager (Monitoring & Evaluation-II)
manager.me-ii@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263055-59
Syed Ahtasham Ahmed Shah
Manager (Human Resource-I)
manager.hrm@tevta.gop.pk Ph:  042-99268063
Mr. Nazir Ahmed Shahid
Manager (Human Resource-II)
manager.hrm-ii@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263055-59
(Ext 379)
Mr. Muhammad Mukhtar
Manager (Establishment)
manager.est@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263055-59
Mr. Nouman Qaiser
Manager (Corporate Affairs) - (Additional Charge)
manager.ca@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263062
Mr. Asif Shahzad Butt
Manager (Academic Audit & Registration)
manager.aa@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263063
Mr. Ijaz Hamid
Manager (Inquiry)
manager.inq@tevta.gop.pk Ph:  042-99268403
Engr. Syed Muhammad Waqar
Manager (Curriculum) - (Additional Charge)
manager.cur@tevta.gop.pk Ph: 042-99263064
Engr. Muhammad Tahir Afzal
Manager (Procurement-I)
manager.proc@tevta.gop.pk Ph:  042-99263073
Muhammad Nazir
Manager (Procurement-II)
manager.proc-II@tevta.gop.pk Ph:  042-99263073
Mr. Ali Sufyan
Manager (Service Centers)
manager.sc@tevta.gop.pk Ph:  042-99268317