Notifications / Circulars (2018)

Sr.# Notification / Circular No. Dated Description / Title Download
28 TEVTA/Purchase Cell/2018/Notification/01 27.11.2018 Bidders complaint redressal committee. [View/Download]
27 TEVTA/IPS-II/VOC/651 26.11.2018 Govt. Staff Trainingg College, Mughaplura and Govt. Technical Training Institute, Mughalpura are jointly declared a Centre of Excellence for Technical and Vocational Training. [View/Download]
26 TEVTA/GM(O-I)/2-44/734 03.10.2018 SOP for reward distribution to outstanding students of TEVTA institutes. [View/Download]
25 TEVTA/AA&R/ON-21/2018 25.09.2018 Committee for inspection of privately managed TVET institutions. [View/Download]
24 TEVTA/Acad/Curr/5-24/Pt.F/Vol.VII 17.09.2018 Steering / Standing Committee for implementation of Competency Based Training & Assessment (CBT&A). [View/Download]
23 TEVTA/Fin/Bud/2018-19 07.09.2018 Guidelines Regarding Financial Discipline and Maintenance of Books of Accounts. [View/Download]
22 TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2018/700 31.08.2018 Fee Structure of TEVTA Institutes (2018-19) [View/Download]
21 TEVTA/MIS/150 08.08.2018 Technical Specifications for procurement of IT Equipment. [View/Download]
20 TEVTA/AA/OM-09/18 25.06.2018 Academic Calendar 2018-2019. [View/Download]
19 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/26-1/341 30.05.2018 Summer Vacation in TEVTA Institutions. [View/Download]
18 TEVTA/Ops-II/Voc/346 29.05.2018 GTTI Mughalpura is declared Center of Excellence for Technical and Vocational Training with donor's collaboration (GIZ) through NAVTTC. [View/Download]
17 TEVTA/Fin/CPC/2017-18 18.05.2018 SOP for procurement under development schemes made by Central Purchase Committee. [View/Download]
16 TEVTA/GM-O-II/26-2/Pt/327 17.05.2018 Office Timing of Field Offices/ Institutions during the holy month of Ramazan. [View/Download]
15 TEVTA/GM/HRM/2018/45 03.05.2018 Adoption of Punjab Travelling Allowance Rules 1976 for TEVTA Employee. [View/Download]
14 TEVTA/Bud/F.Assistance/2018-19 02.05.2018 Financial Assistance Package to the family of a TEVTA Employee who dies while in service. [View/Download]
13 TEVTA/Bud/H-Insurance/2018-19 02.05.2018 Revised Health Insurance Benefits / Plan and monthly Contribution Rate of TEVTA Employees. [View/Download]
12 TEVTA/GM-O-I/GIZ/2-24/286 24.04.2018 Committee for developing draft rules of business for Institute Management Committee. [View/Download]
11 TEVTA/Ops-II/Voc-I/186 20.04.2018 Operating Instructions for implementation of the project titled "NAVTTC - UNHCR Skill Development Programme" 2018. [View/Download]
10 TEVTA/Acad/Curr/5-24/Pt.F/Vol-VII 17.04.2018 Roles & Responsibilities for the Implementation of the CBT&A, Roll out plan under DLI-3, World Bank Project.
In pursuance of Project Operations Manual (POM) - Punjab Skills Development Project issued by the IC&I Department, Government of the Punjab.
9 TEVTA/GM-O-I/2-44/234 11.04.2018 Reward policy for outstanding students / trainees. [View/Download]
8 TEVTA/GM(O-I)/2-44/109 21.02.2018 SOP for On Job Training (OJT)/ Internship of the TEVTA students in regular courses. [View/Download]
7 TEVTA/MIS/3361 16.02.2018 Technical Specifications for procurement of IT Equipment for the period Feb 2018 to June 2018. [View/Download]
6 TEVTA/PC/2018/03 09.02.2018 Inspection Committee for the procurement by Central Purchase Cell, TEVTA. [View/Download]
5 TEVTA/MP/4-92/03 09.02.2018 Trade / Technology wise Expert Panel for support of Central Purchase Committee. [View/Download]
4 TEVTA/Bud/DW/2017-2018 29.01.2018 Daily wage rates and monthly emolument for part time employees. [View/Download]
3 TEVTA/GM(O-I)/2-44/55 25.01.2018 SOP for the refund of College Security, Library Security Funds, Hostel Security and Mess Security Funds etc. [View/Download]
2 TEVTA/HM(GRM)17-A/ 05.01.2018 Facility of employment under Rule 17-A of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment and Conditions of Service) Rule 1974 for TEVTA Employees. [View/Download]
1 TEVTA/Ops-I/04 04.01.2018 Revised SOP for Injection Moulding Machine Operator 3 months course under MOU with Orient Electronics (Pvt.) Ltd. [View/Download]