Notifications / Circulars (2011)

Sr.# Notification / Circular No. Dated Description / Title Download
44 TEVTA/Bud/42-GTTCs/2011-12 15.12.2011 Transfer of scheme titled "Establishment of 42 Govt. Technical Training Centers (Male & Female) in Rented Buildirigs in Uncovered Tehsils of Punjab" from development side to non-development side.
43 TEVTA/CUR/6-49/Vol-V 27.12.2011 Approval for the implementation of revised curricula (3rd Year Only).
Ref. Notification No.TEVTA/CUR/6-49/Vol-V dated 21.07.2010
42 TEVTA/GM(O)/40/2984 23.12.2011 Consolidated advertisements shall be published in newspapers by TEVTA Secretariat. [View/Download]
41 TEVTA/Bud/Ad-hoc/2011 01.12.2011 Grant of 15% Ad-hoc Relief Allowance-2011 for TEVTA and PSIC Employees. [View/Download]
40 TEVTA/Admn/20-66 01.12.2011 Committee to look after the affairs of Foreign Trainings. [View/Download]
39 TEVTA/GM(O)/DAE/9-11/2828 21.11.2011 Admission against quota seats reserved for Azad Jammu & Kashmir nominees.
Partial Modificationof TEVTA/GM(O)/DAE/9-11/2200, dated 11.10.2011
38 TEVTA/BUD/C&G/2011 23.11.2011 Remuneration to the teaching & non-teaching staff of the institutions offering City & Guild program. [View/Download]
37 TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2011/1317 05.11.2011 Fee Structure for DAE Critical Health Care Technology, GCT Taxila. [View/Download]
36 TEVTA/Admn/20-66 05.11.2011 Processing Fee for recruitements in TEVTA. [View/Download]
35 TEVTA/Fin/B&A/2011-12/8313 03.11.2011 Director (Apprenticeship) to exercise the Financial and Administrative Powers of Manager (Apprenticeship) as in Notification No.TEVTA/GM(F&A)/F.Powers/2011 dated 08.06.2011. [View/Download]
34 TEVTA/ST-05/1-1 02.11.2011 Partial modifications in the bifurcation/identification of posts bearing Notification No.TEVTA/ESTB/1-334/P-1 dated 26.07.2010. [View/Download]
33 TEVTA/Bud/1028 29.10.2011 Deposit of Tuition and Admission Fee in " Central TEVTA Fee Collection Account No. CPA-4790-3" . [View/Download]
32 TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2011/8174 25.10.2011 Procurement Committees
Partial Modificationof TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2010-11/4946, dated 19.05.2011
31 TEVTA/Bud/Transfer-Posting/2010-11 14.10.2011 Withdrawal of Powers of Transfers of employees from ZMs and DMs.
Partial Modificationof TEVTA/Bud/Transfer-Posting/2010-11, dated 19.05.2011
30 TEVTA/GM(O)/DAE/9-11/2200 11.10.2011 All vacant quota seats to be filled on open merit, out of already received applications.
(Amended)- (See TEVTA/GM(O)/DAE/9-11/2828 above.)
29 TEVTA/GM(O)/Age-Rel/14/2199 11.10.2011 Relaxation in upper age limit for admission in TEVTA institutions. [View/Download]
28 TEVTA/GM(O)/82/2560 27.09.2011 Working hours for all TEVTA institutions.
Partial Modificationof TEVTA/GM(O)/82/2346
27 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2516 23.09.2011 Readymade Garments Training Centre (RMGTC), Rawalpindi as Govt. Institute of HVACR , Rawalpindi. [View/Download]
26 TEVTA/GM(O)/82/2346 22.08.2011 Discontinuation of Regular 2nd Shift (R-2) Classes at TEVTA Institutions.
(Amended)- (See TEVTA/GM(O)/82/2560 above.)
25 TEVTA/GM(O)/28/2128 29.07.2011 Implementation of Matric Vocational in GVTIs at district headquarters. [View/Download]
24 TEVTA/Bud/928 25.07.2011 Ban on creation of new non-teaching posts (support staff). [View/Download]
23 TEVTA/Deeni Madaris/94-2010 18.07.2011 Long Term Rehabilitation Program.
22 TEVTA/Trg/Misc/Ped/94/2832 14.07.2011 Responsibilities/Instructions for "Venue Principal". [View/Download]
21 TEVTA/Trg/Misc/Ped/94/2831 14.07.2011 Responsibilities/Instructions for "Training Coordinator". [View/Download]
20 TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2011/7215 08.07.2011 Procurement Committees (Standing Purchase Committee - for central purchase)
Partial Modificationof TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2010-11/4946, dated 19.05.2011
19 TEVTA/Fin/B&A/Short Courses/2008/6857 08.07.2011 TEVTA Short Courses
Amendmentin TEVTA/Fin/Short Courses/2008, dated 02.09.08
18 TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2011/7053 12.07.2011 Revised Fee Structure of TEVTA Institutions. [View/Download]
17 TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2011/7053
28.06.2011 Fee Structure of TEVTA Institutions. [View/Download]
16 TEVTA/Fin/Rented Building/2011/6041 22.06.2011 Policy / Guidelines Regarding Shifting of Rented Buildings in TEVTA [View/Download]
15 TEVTA/Bud/Up_Gradartion/2010-11 10.06.2011 Ban on Up-Gradation of Posts [View/Download]
14 TEVTA/GM(O)/Posting(Technical)/46/1647 31.05.2011 Promotion Orders - BS-18 (Technical Stream) [View/Download]
13 TEVTA/Stock Tacking/2010-11/5667 09.06.2011 Physical Verification of Fixed Assets, Stores, Stocks, Cash in Hand etc. as on June 30th 2011 [View/Download]
12 TEVTA/GM(F&A)F.Powers/2011 08.06.2011 Delegation of Administrative and Financial Powers - 2011 [View/Download]
11 TEVTA/GM(M&E)/IT Courses/2011 07.06.2011
Information Technology Certification Courses [View/Download]
10 TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2011/4946 19.05.2011 Procurement Committees: Field Offices, Institutions, Head Office Purchase Committee, Standing Purchase Committee (for central purchase only), Civil Works and AR / SR Committee, etc.
(Amended)- TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2011/8174, dated 25.10.2011
9 TEVTA/Bud/Transfer-Posting/2010-11 19.05.2011 Delegation of powers for Transfer Delegation of powers for Transfer of Employees.
(Amended)- TEVTA/Bud/Transfer-Posting/2010-11, dated 14.10.2011
8 TEVTA/Bud/Transfer-Posting/2010-11 19.05.2011 Delegation of powers for issuance of NOC to apply for job outside TEVTA and NOC to seek admission for studies. [View/Download]
7 TEVTA/Bud/Transfer-Posting/2010-11 19.05.2011 Delegation of powers for sanction of leaves. [View/Download]
6 TEVTA/Finance/Pupil Fund/2008/5011 13.05.2011 Pupil Funds Management
Amendmentin TEVTA/Finance/Pupil Fund/2008/2360
5 TEVTA/Bud/2010-11/861 09.05.2011 Release of Salary Budget (non-development) for 15 ADP Schemes. [View/Download]
4 SO(ENQ)1-102/2010 03.05.2011 Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority Rules 2011 [View/Download]
3 TEVTA/Trg./DEV/12/1849 10.02.2011 Fee structure of the Master Craftsman Training Scheme / Short Courses. [View/Download]
2 --- 21.03.2011 All Government Technical Training Institutes are hereby notified to impart Apprenticeship Training to industrial apprentices. [View/Download]
1 TEVTA/Bud/Service/2010-11 20.01.2011 TEVTA Employees Service Regulations. [View/Download]