Notifications / Circulars (2009)

Sr.# Notification / Circular No. Dated Description / Title Download
27 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2893 31.12.2009 Constitution of Evaluation Committees for Revision of Tenders [View/Download]
26 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2867 24.12.2009 Policy for Processing SNE (ADP Schemes) [View/Download]
25 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2847 24.12.2009 Collaboration with Other Private/Foreign Agencies/Organizations/Federal Offices. [View/Download]
24 TEVTA/Fin/B&A/1796 11.11.2009 Deduction of Advance Tax at The Time of Sale By Auction. [View/Download]
23 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2724 16.12.2009 Fee Waiver for Children of TEVTA Employees. [View/Download]
22 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2701 12.12.2009 Non-Transferable and Station Specific Appointments. [View/Download]
21 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2693 09.12.2009 Guidelines to be Observed in Recruitment [View/Download]
20 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2654 08.12.2009 Policy Regarding Issuance of NOCs for Start of Courses [View/Download]
19 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2611 04.12.2009 Institutions are set up & established in rented buildings. [View/Download]
18 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2612 03.12.2009 Policy Regarding MOUs with Other Departments / Agencies [View/Download]
17 Finance & Administration 03.12.2009 Revised Policy Regarding Regular (R2) 2nd Shift. [View/Download]
16 TEVTA/GM(O)/34 26.11.2009 Visit of Secretariat & Unnecessary Correspondence. [View/Download]
15 TEVTA/ST/Operations/2255 04.11.2009 Posting of M.COM/M.B.A Principals in the Commerce Colleges of TEVTA in the Punjab. [View/Download]
14 TEVTA/ZM/(C)/8-1/08/2352 30.10.2009 Delegate powers to Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore for grant of relaxation in upper age limit to the students of that private institutes. [View/Download]
13 TEVTA/GM(Ops)/Notification-34/2009 26.10.2009 Security Arrangements of Public / Private Technical/Vocational/Commerce Institutions [View/Download]
12 TEVTA/Admin/20-11/2009 06.10.2009 Correspondence with TEVTA [View/Download]
11 TEVTA/GM(O)/DAE/4-09/2010 06.10.2009 03 Years Relaxation in age for NWFP Students for Admission in DAE Courses at GCT's, GPI's, GIT & SPIT for the Year 2009-10 [View/Download]
10 TEVTA/Fin/Short Courses/2009 05.10.2009 TEVTA Short Courses (Amendments) [View/Download]
9 TEVTA/GM(O/SOP/Noti/Cir/18/1970 28.09.2009 Cancelation of 03 Years Relaxation in age up to 21 Years for Admission in DAE Regular 2nd Shift Courses at GPI's & GIT/SPIT for the Year 2009-10 [View/Download]
8 TEVTA/GM(O/SOP/Noti/Cir/18/1959 25.09.2009 03 Years Relaxation in age up to 21 Years for Admission in DAE Regular 2nd Shift Courses at GPI's & GIT/SPIT for the Year 2009-10 [View/Download]
7 TEVTA/PS/Sec/Reg.Second Shift/09 26.09.2009 Admission of Regular Second Shift Classes in TEVTA Institutions on Merit Basis in Lieu of Self Finance (Non-Subsidized) Classes [View/Download]
6 TEVTA/CP/108 16.09.2009 TEVTA Foundation [View/Download]
5 TEVTA/GM(Ops)/34/1824 08.09.2009 03 Years Age Relaxation to Disable Persons for Admissions in DAE Courses in GCTs/GPIs [View/Download]
4 TEVTA/GM(Ops)/ADP/10/1821 07.09.2009 Incorporation of Photographs of Machinery/Equipment in PC-Is [View/Download]
3 -- 30.05.2009 Service Regulations 2009 for TEVTA Employees [View/Download]
2 TEVTA/Fin/a.Ass/2009/3845 28.04.2009 Financial Assistance to the Families of TEVTA Contract Employees [View/Download]
1 TEVTA/Bud/3-110/2008-2009 13.03.2009 Part Time Rates for Part Time Employees / Emoluments [View/Download]